About Me

2 minute read Published: 1989-02-17

Hi, my name is Artis Avotins. I am a software engineer from Latvia. I'm currently employed at Workday, where I work as a Senior Software Development Engineer. Everything here is my own opinion and does not represent my employer.

Technologies that I use at work:

Technologies I pick for my personal projects:

Technologies I have had contract work with:

Who am I outside of work?

I also have a bunch of hobbies outside of work. These hobbies mostly involve outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking, camping and cycling. I live up north, so during winter time I tinker with electronics, build stuff and play video games. I enjoy simulation games, especially VR flight simulators.

This page is a collection of my thoughts, projects, and other things I find interesting. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to chat.

Contact me

You can reach me via email at artis.avotins@gmail.com